19/09/2023   11:50 (GMT+07:00)

China and Hong Kong (China) ranked second with combined turnover reaching US$984 million, down 17%, followed by Japan with US$973 million, down 13%.
Most notably, the past decade has seen the US continue to be one of the country’s largest export markets for the two main products – shrimp and tuna.
In the 2013 – 2022 period, Vietnamese shrimp exports to this market fluctuated at between US$638 million and US$1 billion.
In particular, shrimp exports to the US witnessed a record high of US$1.06 billion in 2014. In 2021, for the second time in 10 years, shrimp export turnover to this market also hit US$1.04 billion.
From the beginning of this year to August 15, shrimp exports to the US decreased by 30% to US$405 million.
Meanwhile, tuna exports to the US between 2013 and 2022 increased by US$187 million to US$487 million.
Tuna exports to the US in 2017 – 2019 grew continuously, climbing from US$226 million to US$316 million.
However, due to the impact of the pandemic, the figure fell to US$280 million in 2020 before rebounding in 2021 to US$338 million and US$487 million last year.
This year, amid difficulties in the global economy coupled with a decline in export prices, tuna export turnover to the US recorded a decrease of 49% to more than US$171 million.
VASEP statistics indicated that,Vietnam’s seafood export turnover in the first eight months of the year dropped 25% to US$5.8 billion.
Source: VOV