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'Not Positive': Norwegian Seafood Exports Down 5% in First Half of 2023 – SeafoodNews

GSMC 2024: NFI President Lisa Wallenda Picard Addresses The Trident-Sized Elephant In The Room Ruin Befalls Peninsula Crab Families; Sympathy Pours in From All Quarters  Washington’s Coastal Dungeness Crab Commercial Season Opens Feb. 1  Kodiak Crabbers Haul Tanner Quota as Fishery Closes  Refinancing Clearwater Loan Worth Millions in Annual Cash Flow for Mi’kmaw Owners Change […]

19 months after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which countries are now the leading seafood exporters to the sanction … – IntraFish

Seafood imports from a number of other countries also increased amid sanctions imposed on the country.After an estimated 30 percent drop last year, seafood imports to Russia are recovering, thanks in large part to seafood supplies from the Faroe Islands.According to Russia’s Fishing Union, an industry association representing several large processors and traders, Russia imported […]

China bans Japanese seafood over Fukushima wastewater concerns – The China Project – The China Project

Beijing has banned all seafood imports from Japan over its decision to discharge treated wastewater from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant. The backlash in China has been swift. Saved.Something went wrong. Error code 1.This feature is only available for paying subscribers. You can continue reading without saving your preference, or you can subscribe now. […]

Japan fishing industry reels after China's seafood embargo – The Japan Times

SubscribeToday’s print editionHome DeliveryJapan’s fishing industry is getting hit with falling prices and growing uncertainty after the Chinese government imposed a ban on the country’s marine products in response to its release of wastewater from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean.China is the largest single market for Japanese seafood exports at […]