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Pakistani mangoes in big demand in China – Pakistan Observer

Pakistani mangoes are in big demand in China and have already generated huge response in a number of Chinese cities like Guangzhou, Chengdu and Beijing.Meanwhile, Pakistan pavilion will exhibit mangoes at Eurasia Festival scheduled to be held from August 17-21 in Urumqi, capital city of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.Upon invitation of Urumqi government, the Senate […]

Russia ramping up seafood exports to China, Africa as it desperately … – IntraFish

Global markets for Russian-caught seafood are shrinking. Russia continues to increase its seafood exports to China as it seeks to build new markets for its fish and shellfish after these products were banned from many major Western markets following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year.According to the Russian Fishing Union, the country’s seafood exports to […]

Supporting innovative and sustainable seafood sector key priorities – Devdiscourse

Protecting New Zealand’s oceans and supporting innovation in the seafood sector are key priorities for the Fisheries Industry Transformation Plan, Oceans and Fisheries Minister Rachel Brooking says.“We’re striking a balance between looking after our oceans and making sure we’ve got a sustainable seafood sector that can cope with the impacts of climate change,” Rachel Brooking […]