Invigorated by the brisk sea breeze and suffused with the enticing aromas of Cantonese cuisine, the “Global Seafood Trade Fair” concurrent with “The 3rd Liangzilong China Cantonese Cuisine E-commerce Festival 2023” unveiled majestically on June 28th at theChina Import and Export Fair Complex (Area D), China. This illustrious event is guiding a new wave of global seafood industry development, all while crafting a world-class platform for seafood trade.
The current expo has been graced by the presence of distinguished global seafood trading organizations and well-known domestic aquatic enterprises such as the Consulate General of Peru in Shanghai, Snow Brand, Octogon, HungCa, Guolian, Thousand Flavors Central Kitchen, Anyi, Gai Shi, Liangzhilong, Xin Liang Ji, Layca Food, Zhangzidao, He’s Bouncing Fish, Asian Fishing Port, Jiu Jia Jiu, Fresh and Delicious, Daixiaji, Haixin Food, Rongxin Aquatic Products, Guoxin Group, Zhengxing International, Yongji Aquatic Products, and Mingji Aquatic Products. The event attracted over 20,000 domestic and international purchasers and professional spectators, all of whom bore witness to the grandeur of the global seafood industry and the celebration of Cantonese cuisine.

At 10 a.m., a grand opening ceremony marked the official commencement of the 2023 Global Seafood Trade Fair.
The inauguration of this year’s exhibition was attended by an array of esteemed guests: Xueguang Wang, Executive Secretary-General of the China Aquatic Products Circulation and Processing Association; Yushun Lin, Secretary-General of the International Trade Branch of the China Fisheries Association; Haihua Liu, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Ministry of Unified Aquatic Products; Andreas Thorud, Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council in Mainland China and Hong Kong; Paul Peñaherrera, Commercial Counselor of the Consulate General of Ecuador in Guangzhou; Huang Yuezhen, Commercial Manager of the Consulate General of Peru in Shanghai; Haicheng Tan, Vice President of the China Cooking Association and Executive President of the Guangdong Catering Service Industry Association; Xiao Ling, President of the United States You Mei Group; Chunhong Lin, Deputy Chairman and Party Member of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade; Changliang Zhu, Chairman and founder of the Wuhan Liangzhilong Food Co., Ltd. and Liangzhilong Chinese Food E-commerce Festival; Xin Wang, representative of the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GSA) – BAP International Aquatic Certification in China; Jian Cen, Secretary-General of the Zhanjiang Aquatic Products Circulation and Processing Association; Daqian Zhang, Chairman of the China Art Cold Dish Club; Guohua Chen, President of the Chongqing Hot Pot Association; Yongsheng Xiao, Chairman of Guangdong Snow Brand Group Co., Ltd; Xiaofan Xu, Party Committee Secretary and Executive Director of Guangzhou Huangsha Aquatic Product Trading Market Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Aquatic Group Co., Ltd.; Huang Huang, Assistant General Manager of Ottogi (Guangdong) Food Co., Ltd. – Vietnam Yonghuan Group; Si Xiong, founder of Guangzhou Ling Lion Advertising Co., Ltd. (Aquatic Frontier, Seafood Guide); Wenzhong Wu, Deputy General Manager of Zhuhai Agricultural Control Marine Industry Development Co., Ltd.; and Huanhuan Xiong, Executive Director of Jiangxi Shangtou Ganci Brand Promotion Company.
At the opening ceremony, Xueguang Wang, Executive Secretary-General of the China Aquatic Products Circulation and Processing Association, delivered a speech. He viewed the Global Seafood Trade Fair as a fresh achievement resulting from the multi-dimensional cooperation among the government, associations, and aquatic colleagues in the whole seafood industry, as well as domestic and international trade. The purpose is to enable participating enterprises to leverage the Global Seafood Trade Fair platform, leading industry development by market trends, exploring new industries, new models, and new business formats, and driving high-quality green development in the aquatic industry in this new era. Simultaneously, it intends to showcase Chinese food culture in an open manner, attract more high-quality seafood into China, enrich the domestic people’s food baskets, and promote the dual-cycle development of the aquatic industry domestically and internationally.
Andreas Thorud, Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council in Mainland China and Hong Kong, expressed in his speech that as the world’s largest seafood exporter, Norway exports products to more than 150 markets globally. The icy Norwegian waters provide an ideal environment for fish growth. Rigorous scientific research, policy guidance, and respect for the ecological environment have placed Norwegian seafood farming and fishing at the forefront of the world. China is an important seafood export market for Norway. The Norwegian Seafood Council is optimistic about the development prospects of the Chinese consumer market and hopes to strengthen deep cooperation with Chinese seafood trading partners and cultivate the Chinese consumer market in the future.
Paul Peñaherrera, Commercial Counselor of the Consulate General of Ecuador in Guangzhou, said that Ecuador is one of the world’s primary suppliers of shrimp, known for its superior taste and color. In 2022, Ecuador exported 593,000 tons of South American white shrimp to mainland China. He assured Chinese consumers of the quality and safety of Ecuadorian white shrimp and hoped that this exhibition would promote trade cooperation between supply and demand sides, increase the market share of Ecuadorian seafood in China, and foster evergreen friendship between Ecuador and China.
As the organizer of this exhibition, Changliang Zhu, founder of Global Seafood Trade Fair and Liangzhilong·China Food Ingredients E-commerce Festival, delivered a speech. He believes that the Global Seafood Trade Fair is stepping at the critical juncture of the current national strategy of developing marine fisheries and constructing deep-sea blue granaries, presenting unprecedented development opportunities. China’s seafood market, with its 1.4 billion population, is a super consumer market and an important consumer market for the international seafood industry. China has now become the world’s largest producer, processor, exporter, and an important importer of aquatic products, possessing vast potential for the development of the seafood import and export market. The Global Seafood Trade Fair aspires to be China’s Canton Fair for the prepared food industry, the world’s Canton Fair for the seafood industry, and the world’s Canton Fair for gourmet food ingredients. Upholding the concept of “openness, inclusiveness, innovation, and mutual benefit”, it will join hands with colleagues from all over the world to build the Global Seafood Trade Fair into China’s top-class international seafood trade show, the annual trade event for global seafood professionals, an incubation platform for the Chinese preparation of imported seafood dishes, and the driving engine for Chinese seafood companies to go global!
Subsequently, twenty distinguished guests took the stage to jointly launch the Global Seafood Trade Fair and the 3rd Liang Zhi Long China Cantonese Cuisine E-commerce Festival 2023, officially inaugurating this global seafood trade & Cantonese cuisine industry extravaganza.
In January 2022, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) came into effect, ushering China into the RCEP era. Guangdong, a national hub for prepared food, is riding this advantageous wave, pushing its prepared food products into overseas markets. Leading Guangdong prepared food enterprises like Guolian Aquatic Products, Hengxing Group, and Guanhai Aquatic Products have gone overseas, presenting an optimal opportunity for the domestic prepared food industry to break into international markets.
With the booming development of the domestic prepared food industry, Chinese cuisine going overseas is bound to become the new blue ocean for the next round of competition among prepared food companies, which will also promote Chinese cuisine to go beyond China and into the world, influencing global food culture.
To facilitate the efficient export of Chinese cuisine, the inaugural “Greater Bay Area Prepared Food (Nansha) Export Base Prepared Food Export Forum and One Billion US Dollar Order Signing Ceremony” was held at this exhibition.
As the organizer of the event, Guangzhou Nansha Xueyin Prepared Food Import and Export Co., Ltd. shared the secrets of clearing customs for overseas shipping in 28 days, as well as the demand and requirements for one billion US dollars orders on site.
Xuejun Ning, General Manager of Guangzhou Nansha Xueyin Prepared Food Import and Export Company, introduced that on June 1st, the first container of prepared food (Yangzhou Baozi) promoted by Guangzhou Nansha Xueyin Prepared Food Import and Export Company has arrived in the United States, smoothly cleared customs, and received the release notice issued by the US FDA. From China’s customs declaration to FDA clearance, it only took 28 days, setting a new record for the time of exporting prepared food from China to the United States.
Meanwhile, in the cooking competition area of the exhibition, the China Artistic Seafood Presentation·Artistic Cold Dish Competition was also being held in full swing. Elite cold dish chefs from all over the country meticulously worked on the prepared ingredients, showing off their superb skills and creativity, learning from each other’s cooking skills, and presenting a variety of artistic cold dishes. The competition particularly focused on the artistic seafood presentation sashimi project, which drew the most attention from the audience.
Apart from the cold dishes, the competition also held a Cantonese hot dish contest, to explore local quality ingredients, foster innovation in Cantonese cuisine, with dozens of Cantonese cuisine elites competing on the same stage, presenting new dishes with unique flavors without losing the authentic taste of Cantonese cuisine, leading the new trend of Cantonese cuisine and empowering the regional new catering industry.
In the hot pot exhibition area, the Chongqing Hot Pot Festival Global Tour came to Guangzhou for the first time, bringing together spicy hot pot and Cantonese dim sum, creating an innovative “sweet and spicy” flavor, and leading a new trend in the catering industry. Chen Guohua, president of the Chongqing Hot Pot Association, said that Guangzhou is the third domestic stop of the Chongqing Hot Pot Festival Global Tour. The event will help to explore local agricultural and special food ingredients, expand the Cantonese food and beverage market, promote the integration and development of Chongqing hot pot and Cantonese cuisine, and thereby promote the high-quality development of the Cantonese cuisine industry. In addition to displaying the ingredients and products of major Chongqing hot pot brands, a large-sized hot pot banquet will be shown, which can accommodate nearly 30 people at the same table for hot pot. This hot pot is provided by a well-known hot pot company in Chongqing, which showcases Chongqing’s unique urban culture and hot pot culture to audiences across the country and overseas.
The exhibition site is bustling with people visiting, purchasing, and tasting joyfully. Many booths are crowded with visitors for consultation and tasting, while inside the booths, business communication and exchange are also in full swing, with a strong business atmosphere, witnessing together the new prosperity of seafood trade and industry development. At the same time, two seafood category industry summits are stimulating ideas and contributing wisdom for the healthy development of the industry.
At the 2023 Deep-sea Aquaculture Seafood Market Summit, four guests brought wonderful shares. Changtao Guan, Chief Scientist of the National Marine Fish Industry Technology System and a researcher at the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, shared the “Status and Prospects of Deep-sea Aquaculture (Global and China)”. Zhixin Chen, a leading figure in the field of marine fishing vessels and equipment engineering, and Deputy Director of the Fisheries Machinery and Instruments Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, shared the “Analysis of the Characteristics and Development Prospects of Deep-sea Aquaculture Facilities”. Tong Anrui, Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council for mainland China and Hong Kong, delivered a speech titled “Status and Prospects of Norwegian Seafood Global Market Development”. Weiwei You, a professor, doctoral supervisor of the College of Ocean and Earth Sciences at Xiamen University, and Secretary-General of the Abalone Branch of the China Aquatic Circulation and Processing Association, shared the “Opportunities and Challenges of Sustainable Deep-sea Aquaculture of Sea Delicacies”.
The summit also held two roundtable forums, with several guests in the industry discussing the “difficulties, pains, and opportunities in the practical process of deep-sea aquaculture” and “good fish sell at good prices! How to sell high-quality deep-sea aquaculture seafood better”.
At the 18th Tilapia Industry Development Forum 2023, several guests discussed the “Path of Tilapia Industry Development in the Post-pandemic Era”. Xueguang Wang, Executive Secretary-General of the China Aquatic Circulation and Processing Association, analyzed the “Production and Trade of Tilapia in China in 2023”. Junping Zhang, a researcher at the Agricultural Trade Promotion Center of the former Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, shared the “Development Trend and Policy Direction of China’s Agricultural (Aquatic) Trade”. Hong Yang, Chief Scientist of the National Specialty Freshwater Fish Industry Technology System, interpreted the “Current Situation and Development Direction of Tilapia Seed Industry and Aquaculture Technology”. Laihao Li, Deputy Director of the South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, made a share on “Analysis of Tilapia Processing Situation”.
Subsequently, representatives from international trade and domestic sales and processing companies participated in a roundtable dialogue on the pain points and prospects of tilapia industry development. Everyone analyzed and discussed the pain points of the domestic tilapia industry development and strategized for the industry to break the export circle and high-quality development.
Creating a global seafood feast and ushering in a new era of Cantonese cuisine industry! Top seafood products make their debut, global seafood talents gather, the Global Seafood Trade Fair and The 3rd Liangzilong China Cantonese Cuisine E-commerce Festival 2023 is in full swing at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Pavilion. Hoping that all exhibitors and visitors can learn, gain, and achieve something, and the excitement continues tomorrow…
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