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Papua New Guinea’s planned devaluation of the Kina is a significant economic shift. It presents challenges, but simultaneously, opportunities abound for SMEs that can identify and tap into sectors of the economy that earn foreign exchange.
Here are the top 10 businesses that PNG SMEs can venture into now to thrive in the evolving economic landscape:
In conclusion, while the Kina’s devaluation presents challenges, it also brings a chance for PNG SMEs to innovate and tap into new markets. By venturing into businesses that earn in foreign currencies, SMEs can hedge against the economic impact of the devaluation.
It is indeed an opportune time for SMEs to re-evaluate their strategies, seize these opportunities, and contribute to a more resilient PNG economy.
Des Yaninen is president of the PNG MSME Council and has been an outstpoken advocate for SME development in PNG for over a decade. He is CEO of Pacifund, a financial services firm that helps SMEs secure bank loans or investment funding. Contact