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Scotland’s salmon exports for the first half of 2023 increased by 9 percent year over year, reaching a value of GBP 306 million (USD 388 million, EUR 355 million).
The exports, based on data from His Majesty’s Customs and Revenue (HMRC), show that the country is on pace for a successful year, Salmon Scotland said. While the volume of exports decreased, high demand and tight supply pushed up prices and resulted in a solid first half.
“The first half of the year has been another period of incredible success for Scottish salmon, reflecting the hard work and dedication of our farmers and the growing demand internationally for our nutritious fish,” Salmon Scotland Chief Executive Tavish Scott said in a release.  
A bright spot in the export data, Salmon Scotland highlighted, was a big increase in non-E.U. exports. Overall, these exports increased by 18 percent year over year to GBP 132 million (USD 167 million, EUR 153 million), compared to a 3 percent increase in E.U. exports – which reached GBP 173 million (USD 219 million, EUR 201 million).
Of non-E.U. countries, Taiwan had the largest increases in value. Taiwan imported GBP 9 million (USD 11 million, EUR 10 million) worth of salmon in H1 2023, an increase of 174 percent.
The largest non-E.U. destination for Scottish salmon remained the U.S., which saw a 10 percent increase in value to GBP 77 million (USD 97 million, EUR 89 million).
China was also a top destination for Scottish salmon, with the country importing GBP 12 million (USD 15 million, EUR 13 million) worth of salmon, an increase of 57 percent compared to H1 2022.
Within the E.U., both Poland and the Netherlands contributed to big increases in imports. Poland imported GBP 17 million (USD 21 million, EUR 19 million) worth of salmon, which is a 48 percent increase year over year, while the Netherlands imported GBP 9 million (USD 11 million, EUR 10 million), which is a 114 percent increase. 
“From the U.S. to China, exports are rising for our high-quality produce, showing the demand that exists for it across the globe,” U.K. Government Minister for Scotland and Exports Malcolm Offord said in a release. “It cements salmon’s position as one of the U.K.’s top exports, and the U.K. government will do all we can to help the sector continue this growth in the months and years to come.”
Scott said that despite the industry’s “many challenges” – including the end of a recent trial export certificates system that will complicate exports to the E.U. – the industry is well-positioned for growth.
“Both the U.K. and Scottish governments rightly recognize the potential for continued sustainable growth so that Scotland can lead the world in [establishing a] blue economy,” Scott said.
Photo courtesy of Salmon Scotland
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