The latest trade data show that the release of treated and diluted water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has hit Japan's seafood industry. The value of exports to China fell more than 75 percent in August compared to the previous year.
Japan's Finance Ministry says exports of unprocessed seafood last month were worth about 2.18 billion yen, or 14.6 million dollars.
China suspended imports of Japanese seafood on August 24 in protest of Japan's release of the treated and diluted water.
Before the water is discharged into the sea, the plant's operator dilutes it to reduce tritium levels to about one-seventh of the World Health Organization's guidelines for drinking water.
The Japanese government plans to spend about 139 million dollars on emergency relief measures for the fisheries industry.
That is in addition to a 535-million-dollar fund already allocated for measures against reputational damage.
The government is also working to open up new seafood markets abroad.