SAPPORO, Japan — With the objective of expanding export of Japanese scallops, the Japan Scallop Export Promotion Association (namely “J-HOTATE Association”; Chairman: Ichiro Nomura; Sapporo, Hokkaido) will exhibit at Seafood Expo Asia, held September 11 through September 13 in Singapore to widely showcase Japanese scallops to Asian markets.
Japanese scallops (we say HOTATE [Hoh-Tah-Teh]) are highly accredited for their flavor, size, and quality. Fresh scallops can be enjoyed year-round by virtue of environmentally friendly farming/harvesting methods and the advanced technology to maintain freshness—both of which are unique to Japan. Especially in Hokkaido, Aomori, Iwate, and Miyagi where scallops are produced, local ocean currents provide highly rich nutrients, boasting one of the world’s largest landings of scallops.
Scallops are also known as a healthy seafood. They are rich in nutrients such as vitamin B1, which is effective in alleviating fatigue and improving concentration, and taurine, which is known to improve heart and liver function and help to prevent diabetes. Furthermore, scallops are high in protein and low in calories, making them fit to be a superfood.
Japan is unique to other parts of the world in that the proximity of fishing grounds and ports allow for scallops to be processed and distributed immediately after they are caught, and it has become a common custom in Japan for scallops to be eaten raw. Today, scallops are rapidly frozen right after landing, allowing overseas distribution while maintaining quality.
Exports of “Japanese scallop products” from Japan to other countries reached a record high of 94.5 billion JPY (approx. 128,000 tons in weight) in 2022, surpassing double its value (over 1.6 times in weight) of that of 2020, when markets stalled due to COVID-19.
Through this exhibition, we aim to further expand the export of Japanese scallops and spread the traditional Japanese style of ‘eating raw’ to fully taste the rich nutrients of scallops. At our booth, a meeting space and the information of products and the production area are provided, as well as exhibits of frozen/room temperature products, and sampling of Japanese scallops.
Exhibit Information
Event Name: Seafood Expo Asia (
Booth Number: K01
Date: Monday, September 11, 2023 through Wednesday, September 13, 2023
About Japan Scallop Export Promotion Association (“J-HOTATE Association”)
Japan Scallop Export Promotion Association (namely “J-HOTATE Association”) was established in December 2021 with the objective of expanding export of Japanese scallops, which are known for their high quality and healthy deliciousness by sustainable aquaculture. The J-HOTATE Association is currently composed of 72 members, including producers (fishery cooperative associations) and processors involved in scallops exporting, in addition to fisheries-related distributors of Japan and traders.
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