The comprehensive Grofarm model was introduced to the global shrimp community during the 2023 Shrimp Summit in Ho Chi Minh City last month.
With a success rate of over 80%, the model was highly acclaimed by the conference participants as a comprehensive solution for high-tech shrimp farming in increasingly challenging conditions.
Currently, Asian and global shrimp industries are facing concerns ranging from stagnant production to ensuring growers’ livelihoods.
In Vietnam, environmental issues have destabilized the shrimp farming market, while domestic price surges have hindered export and processing activities, putting immense strain on the industry’s competitive edge.
Amidst these challenges, the 2023 Shrimp Summit, organized by the Center for Responsible Seafood (TCRS), emerged as a pivotal industry event.
According to the TCR, Vietnam was chosen as this year’s summit venue for its important seafood economy and central position in Asia.
The summit, held over two days on July 24 and 26, brought together hundreds of experts and business leaders spanning the entire global shrimp value chain.
Its primary objective was to facilitate a platform for stakeholders to unite, exchange knowledge and experiences, and tackle challenges through dynamic discussions and collaborative efforts, with a focus on promoting sustainability and adaptation to climate change.
Grobest organized an on-site farm visit for over 150 guests including representatives from international processing plants, import-export companies, and purchasing houses at the 2023 Shrimp Summit in HCMC, July 2023. Photo courtesy of Grobest Vietnam
Grobest’s Grofarm model, a total solution to profitable intensive shrimp farming in challenging environment, was one of the solutions introduced at the event.
It is an open platform that brings together key stakeholders in the industry, from farmers to hatcheries and suppliers of equipment and services.
The guests had the opportunity to visit Minh Phu’s Intensive Tank Farm, one of the important partner farms of Grobest Vietnam, to gain a deeper understanding of the model firsthand.
With the dedicated aim of helping shrimp “Grow Stronger – Grow Faster – Grow Sustainably,” Grobest Vietnam has implemented the innovative Grofarm model in collaboration with partners and shrimp farmers nationwide.
Its technology encompasses five crucial elements to ensure optimal results and enhance overall productivity.
First, Grobest provides expert consultation services for designing and operating the farming system, upgrading customers’ existing farms and ponds, or assisting in the construction of new farms.
Second, the model emphasizes the importance of selecting top-quality post larvae sources, considering the seasonal variations in each region, and addressing the unique needs of individual farms.
Third, the model brings an optimal feeding program with daily feeds and functional feeds as its core values, optimizing shrimp nutrition for enhanced immunity and growth.
Fourth, the Mobile Lab service is one of the key highlights of the Grofarm model, allowing farmers to on-site evaluate shrimp health and water quality to promptly handle problems that may arise.
Finally, the model focuses on reducing production costs per kilogram of shrimp and maximizing crop profitability.
With these five key elements, the model is able to generate a sustainable supply of clean shrimp with exceptional quality and reasonable prices while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.
Since its introduction in 2021, the model has received positive feedback on its economic efficiencies and remarkable profits for more than 600 shrimp farms, with an impressive success rate of up to 82.9% after 3 years of trial.
The commercial shrimp produced through the Grofarm model has also garnered high praise from purchasing units, distributors, and export entities, within the country and abroad.
It serves as a testament to Grobest’s visionary efforts, providing a pioneering solution that benefits not only farmers but also various stakeholders in the entire shrimp farming supply chain.
Visitors at the 2023 Shrimp Summit conference. Photo courtesy of Grobest Vietnam
During the 2023 Shrimp Summit conference, Dr Le Van Khoa, Head of Technical Service of Grobest Vietnam, highlighted the model’s value and benefits.
He said that through cost reduction in shrimp farming and enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnamese shrimp, even against major markets like Ecuador and India,Grofarm not only ensures the sustainable livelihoods for Vietnamese shrimp farmers but also demonstrates Grobest’s commitment to a sustainable supply of clean, high-quality shrimp and profitable returns for the industry.
Grobest’s introduction of the Grofarm model provides an opportunity to promote initiatives, models, and sustainable solutions for shrimp farming in Vietnam and the wider region.
This initiative also paves the way for potential collaborations between Grobest and new partners, uniting efforts toward shared sustainable values for the shrimp industry.
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