Saturday, 14 Oct 2023
Teng Tong (seated fourth from left) with his extended family during the press conference announcing his new foundation. — ZHAFARAN NASIB/The Star
HUNZA Group of Companies founder Datuk Seri Khor Teng Tong celebrated his 82nd birthday by starting a new philanthropic endeavour.
He announced the launch of his foundation – Khor Teng Tong and Hunza Charity Bhd – which aims to benefit worthy causes and the disadvantaged.
To kick it off, he would personally undertake to contribute RM2mil to the foundation.
The public are also welcome to donate. If the overall sum exceeds his initial contribution, he has pledged to supplement it further by matching the amount ringgit for ringgit.
“For this auspicious occasion, we’re not accepting any gift, memento, flower or advertorial as I would rather make a long-lasting difference to those in need.
“Therefore, I would like to invite my family, friends, associates and acquaintances to join me in sharing a little of our fortunes and blessings with those less fortunate,” he told a press conference at Hunza Tower in George Town, Penang.
Teng Tong, one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs of his generation, is no stranger to philanthropy and social responsibilities.
During his earlier days running a successful seafood export business, he created more than 3,000 job opportunities for locals in his hometown of Kuala Kurau in Perak.
After establishing Hunza Group in 1978, he contributed to various causes to create a better future for the underprivileged – such as spearheading the group’s initiative to resettle over 1,000 squatters with new housing units for their developments in Greenlane Heights and Penang International Commercial City (PICC).
He also carried out painstaking restoration works for the preservation of the century-old St Joseph’s Novitiate and incorporated it into Gurney Paragon Mall, which went on to win numerous awards and set new benchmarks in engineering.
There were also campaigns using effective micro-organism (EM) technology to support environmental clean-up efforts at various locations around Penang.
Through an earlier foundation established in the 1990s – the Khor Teng Tong Education Fund – he enabled many needy students to pursue further education.
All of these stemmed from Teng Tong’s own tough childhood.
He was one of 11 siblings and the family lived in a rural plantation with no running electricity or water.
“I only bought my first pair of new shoes at the age of 11.
“After completing Standard 6, I started working at local shops in exchange for meals and did not receive any salary.
“Our family needed help but there was no one to help us. I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.
“I’ve been very fortunate in later life and want to pay it forward.”
He said the foundation would target needy students, single parents, homes for the elderly and infirm, as well as segments of society who need aid.
“We’re confident that with the generosity of every donor, we can go a long way to help transform lives from an education, social welfare and health standpoint,” he added.
The foundation was officially registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia in 2019, but activities temporarily halted during the Covid-19 pandemic.
It was only launched this year to coincide with his 82nd birthday celebrations, which will take place at Setia SPICE on Nov 12.
Details for fund applications and disbursement will be announced at the event.
The night will also see the launch of Teng Tong’s self-published autobiography, titled Expressions of Life, which chronicles his entrepreneurial and personal journey.
Before that, the Khor family is also set to have a large private celebration for Teng Tong on Nov 4 with some 600 members of the clan attending.
Teng Tong’s niece Grace Khor, who is organising the gathering, said it would be like a grand reunion for the family as many live across Malaysia or overseas and hardly get to meet.
Individuals or organisations who are interested in contributing to the foundation, can reach the secretariat via

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