boost in exports of key products, including sesame, seafood, rice, and other agricultural items.
Pakistan’s export to China experienced a significant surge, reaching US$368 million in October this year, reflecting a remarkable 70% increase compared to the same month last year, as revealed by Commercial Counsellor Ghulam Qadir at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing. This surge is attributed to a boost in exports of key products, including sesame, seafood, rice, and other agricultural items.
Qadir attributed the impressive export figures to the active participation of over 200 Chinese businessmen in the Food and Agri Expo held in Karachi earlier this year. He underscored the importance of ongoing efforts to foster positive results, stating, “We arranged many meetings between the Chinese businessmen and traders with their Pakistani counterparts, and we must continue to work on it to see more positive results.”
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Responding to inquiries about the potential for further increases in Pakistani exports to China, Qadir disclosed plans to initiate meat exports to the Chinese market. He outlined efforts to enhance value addition in dairy products, chillies, cherries, and sesame seeds, stating, “We want to convert sesame seed into sesame oil and by-products, and work is underway in this regard.” He also expressed hopes for greater participation of Pakistani players in China through e-commerce and other platforms, particularly in textiles, footwear, toys, agriculture, electronics, light engineering, and consumer products.
Published in The Express Tribune, November 23rd, 2023.
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