KOCHI: Indian seafood exports have shown increase in the first quarter ended June 2017 riding on the rising demand for frozen shrimp. India exported 251,735 tonnes of seafood worth Rs 9066 crore. This showed 25% increase in quantity and around 16% rise in value from a year ago. In dollar terms it came to $1.42 […]

Seafood exports are likely to grow over 20 per cent in 2017-18 after the figures touched an all-time high of $5.78 billion (Rs 37,870.90 crore) in 2016-17. The exporters are upbeat despite the fact that the major importing countries are taking protectionist measures to safeguard their local industries. Recently, The American Shrimp Processors’ Association has […]

India exported $5.8 bn of seafood products in FY17. The US was the largest market; the EU was third With the European Union (EU) and United States (US) adopting various restrictive measures to curb seafood import, Indian exporters are exploring new markets. India exported $5.8 billion (Rs 37,870 crore) of seafood products in 2016-17. The […]

Water analysis is becoming common in production aquaculture. At many production facilities, managers measure a variety of water quality variables such as water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, alkalinity, hardness, dissolved phosphorus, total ammonia nitrogen, and nitrite. Increasing attention to conditions in culture systems is an indication of a greater awareness of the importance of water […]

Seafood exports from the country hit an all-time high last fiscal with the total revenue touching $5.78 billion, or Rs 37,870.90 crore, by exporting 11,34,948 tonne seafood products, largely due to a robust demand for frozen shrimp and fish. India claimed the top spot in shrimp exports to the global market in 2016 with an […]